Saving Money on Amazon


The convenience of online retailers can't be denied. You can order something from the comfort of your home and have it delivered, sometimes, the same day.

Years ago Amazon had some of the best prices around and it was their selling point. Now their biggest selling point is their selection and convenience. Prices are not always the best as in days past.

So how do you ensure that the prices of items are really good prices on Amazon and other sites?

There are three services that I have used for years that may help you save money. The first is the one I have used the most called Camelizer.

Camelizer tracks the prices of on Amazon and provides price charts to see if the price you are paying today is historically good or not.

The easiest way to use Camelizer is to use a browser extension that has, of course, a picture of a camel on it. Otherwise you can drop the website address of a product into their website.

When you are on Amazon looking at a product you can simply hit the Camel button and it will show you the historical prices, the lowest price ever, and the highest price ever from Amazon, third parties, and even used items.

If the price is unusually high you can choose to wait a few days. If it is low you might want to stock up on the item.

The best part of Camelizer is that you can set price watches for items that you may want to purchase in the future. Say a set of acrylic paints is selling for $10, but you want to be notified if and when the price drops below $8. Just set a price watch in Camelizer and it will send you an email with the alert and the chart of past prices. Brilliant!

The second service is FakeSpot, which will help you spot fake reviews. Just take the web address of a product you are thinking of buying and copy it into FakeSpot. It will give a grade on the reviews so that you are not taken in by people who purposely fake reviews or those who were given a product for free to write a review.

FakeSpot has helped me spot numerous items that may not be as highly rated if the fake reviews were taken out.

Finally there is Honey. Once you install the Honey extension, it will show up on many websites showing you the best deal, or allowing you to enter promo codes to save money. The nice thing about Honey is that it is automatic on many sites. Just hit the extension button and it will try to enter all known promo codes for your items.

Honey doesn’t always find an appropriate code, but it is so easy to use that when it does it is basically free money.

Those are the main ones that I use on a regular basis. There are others out there that I have not tried or tried infrequently and I will review them in a future post.


Connect with others who are as passionate about Painted Rocks as yourself. There are dozens of Facebook groups that will help you get in contact with others. Most of the groups are local, others are national or worldwide. Some groups are simply for tips and instructions on how to proceed.

We have a Facebook Group for this Painted Rox page, and another for connecting with people throughout the entire planet. Feel free to visit them to see if they are of interest to you and join to connect with others who share the same interest.


If you want to get a jump on what to do first, take a look at our Quick Guide. It contains a shortened, condensed version of our Detailed Guide to get you started fast.

You will find out the quickest steps to get started including attaching your labels, placing a #hashtag on the rock, and sealing it to keep it looking fresh for a long time.

There are not a lot of details, but this might be all that you need to get started.


Trying to figure out what to paint on your rocks? We have a huge, ever-growing list for you. Everything from funny faces to animals, bugs, abstract art, and even inspirational quotes.

The nice thing about the Painted Rocks craze is that you get to paint whatever you feel like, even if you are not artistic. These rocks are meant to brighten someone's day in some way, and give you joy in the process.

So have fun, don't stress too much about what to paint, and make the world a better place.