With the Painted Rocks phenomenon taking over the world, many are asking where and how did it all begin? There are a few stories out there, but most people agree that what we do today as Painted Rocks originated in 2015 with Megan Murphy from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Megan began the Kindness Rocks Project by painting and leaving rocks around areas in Cape Cod. She was surprised when people started contacting her to express how much her rocks meant to them. It seemed that people sometimes need a little unexpected inspiration during their days.

People around the country started posting pictures of the rocks on social media, and Megan knew that she had hit upon something. So she created the Kindness Rocks Project to spread kindness and joy to others around the world.

Since that time things have really taken off with thousands of Facebook Groups around the globe. Over 750,000 people and counting are painting small rocks and leaving them for others, hoping to pay forward some joy and happiness.

You probably couldn't have created a better idea if you had tried. Painted Rocks is a natural fit for families with kids as much as adults of all ages and origins. There are no special requirements needed, and anyone can participate anywhere in the world.

Painted Rocks is a combination of Letterboxing, Geocaching and Pokemon GO. It gets people outdoors and connects small communities as well as worldwide communities.

There was actually a similar type of project started in April 2014 by Susan Dieter-Robinson after the tragic death of her two daughters. Susan and her husband had given rocks with fabric hearts cut out to their wedding guests, and decided that it might be a way to spread their love and joy after the tragedy. Those rocks have since been photographed around the world.

No matter where the idea originated, it has now spread to almost every continent and has taken on a life of it's own. This website is dedicated to helping people learn how to begin this endeavor, and how to share it with others.


Below is a list of items you may need when you begin with Painted Rocks. Use this list to get ideas and purchase locally whenever possible, or purchase online if that is more convenient for you. These links take you to a searchable area of our site for supplies.

When starting out, the bare minimum of what you need are:

  • Rocks
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
These will get you started if you are on a budget or in a hurry to begin. You can always add other items as you go along. Also remember that you can often use ordinary household items to paint like Q-tips, nails, popsicle sticks, etc. Get creative and you will easily find others to use. Not only can these save you money, but they can also give you a unique look that is all your own.


Since they are called Painted Rocks, you probably will need some paint.


Just a few brushes are needed to start, add more as you get more creative and daring.


Most people agree that a sealant around the rock at the end will help it keep its looks longer.


Markers are some of the best tools for fine details, even more so than detail brushes.


You will need glue if you choose to add a label or tag to your rock.


Crayons? Yes there is a hot rock technique that we will highlight that uses crayons. Really cool!


There are a myriad of accessories you can choose to use like aprons, smocks, palettes, pencils and more.


There are numerous training books, websites and videos that can help you become the next Monet.


Sometimes you just can't find a good rock for whatever reason. But, of course, you can purchase them online.


Connect with others who are as passionate about Painted Rocks as yourself. There are dozens of Facebook groups that will help you get in contact with others. Most of the groups are local, others are national or worldwide. Some groups are simply for tips and instructions on how to proceed.

We have a Facebook Group for this Painted Rox page, and another for connecting with people throughout the entire planet. Feel free to visit them to see if they are of interest to you and join to connect with others who share the same interest.


Get the latest new and updates about Painted Rocks from around the world. We keep you abreast of the latest ideas on how to paint rocks, tips on placement, tracking, community involvement, local regulations, and more.

When something interesting is happening in the world of Painted Rocks, we will make sure that you hear about it.

Many of our news stories will be posted to our social media accounts also.


Trying to figure out what to paint on your rocks? We have a huge, ever-growing list for you. Everything from funny faces to animals, bugs, abstract art, and even inspirational quotes.

The nice thing about the Painted Rocks craze is that you get to paint whatever you feel like, even if you are not artistic. These rocks are meant to brighten someone's day in some way, and give you joy in the process.

So have fun, don't stress too much about what to paint, and make the world a better place.