Connect with others either locally or across the globe. There are numerous Facebook groups for local areas, and the way the Painted Rocks craze is spreading one is probably in your local community. If not, why not start one?

We have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. The Facebook Page is connected to this website and will be updated with tips, ideas, suggestions, tutorials, news, etc. pertaining to Painted Rocks, some from this page and others curated from the best pages around the globe.

The Facebook Group is a global group to share pictures of the rocks you found, share ideas, and connect with others across the globe.

Our goal is to also be a repository of all of the Facebook Groups across the world, and allow you to easily search for and find the ones you want. This will take some time, but it is our long-term goal.

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If you want to get a jump on what to do first, take a look at our Quick Guide. It contains a shortened, condensed version of our Detailed Guide to get you started fast.

You will find out the quickest steps to get started including attaching your labels, placing a #hashtag on the rock, and sealing it to keep it looking fresh for a long time.

There are not a lot of details, but this might be all that you need to get started.


Get the latest new and updates about Painted Rocks from around the world. We keep you abreast of the latest ideas on how to paint rocks, tips on placement, tracking, community involvement, local regulations, and more.

When something interesting is happening in the world of Painted Rocks, we will make sure that you hear about it.

Many of our news stories will be posted to our social media accounts also.


Trying to figure out what to paint on your rocks? We have a huge, ever-growing list for you. Everything from funny faces to animals, bugs, abstract art, and even inspirational quotes.

The nice thing about the Painted Rocks craze is that you get to paint whatever you feel like, even if you are not artistic. These rocks are meant to brighten someone's day in some way, and give you joy in the process.

So have fun, don't stress too much about what to paint, and make the world a better place.